Black & Pinckard, LLC - Charity
how to help
ADAR (Alabamians Defending Animal Rights) placed over 650 dogs in forever homes in 2007, and we plan to well exceed this number in 2008! The rescue was started to help the dogs no other group would or could. We take dogs off the street and out of the shelters. Those are the ones that need us most. We are not afraid to help a sick or injured dog or a dog that just needs to learn to live with a family. These dogs need just a few simple things: LOVE, FOOD and WATER!! Not rocket science, just time, patience and faith!! Faith that we can make them well enough to be someone's pet and that the right person will come along and want this once unwanted dog.

Since the things the dogs need are simple, so are ADAR’s needs. We need short-term foster homes; most often we need homes for 2-4 weeks, just time enough to keep them safe until we can fit them into one of our regular/long term foster homes. We, as all rescues, need funding. Vet care is our largest expense. In 2007, we spent over $100,000 in vet care. Every animal that comes to us also leaves spayed or neutered - This mission alone is very costly. Then the fact that we take in the dogs that need heartworm treatment, limb or eye removals, or other serious treatment from neglect and abuse means our costs are very high. We will not turn a dog down because it needs surgery or other treatment.

Besides cash, we are always short on wire crates and travel crates. We also use a lot of blankets and towels, and are always in need of those. Dogs need to feel comfortable, as if they were in their forever home; they need to sleep on blankets and learn to be bathed regularly and have their nails cut. They just need to know what it is like to be a LOVED DOG!!

Lastly we need volunteers. We need to improve our fund raising activities. We would love someone who would commit to just that aspect of the rescue. We have great ideas, but too many dogs and not enough volunteers to stop and work on this!